Introducing Versions 3.1 - 3.1.4

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Version 3.1 of Umbo for iPhone and iPad includes several major enhancements as well as many under the hood fixes to designed to improve the user experience. Many of these improvements were suggested by our users and we can't wait to hear your ideas for future versions.


Added Features:

  1. Single Booklets tab - All your booklets can now be found on one Booklets tab, this includes all organizational (available or downloaded) and personal booklets.
  2. Download All buttons - You can now (from the Booklets tab) download all available booklets from an organization with just one tap.
  3. Known People - When memorizing a group of people you can now mark a person as known. Once a person has been marked as known they will not show up in future memorize views. To reset known people simply edit the booklet and tap "Reset Known People."
  4. Swipe between people in Person View - When viewing the people in a booklet you can now swipe left/right to view another person. When swiping right use a small swipe gesture to change the person and a large swipe to return to the booklet view.
  5. Apple Watch Beta - We also added support for Apple Watch, while this is still in beta form we would love to hear your feedback.
  6. Reduced Emails - We have reduced the number of automated emails you receive. Now when you download a booklet from an Organization you will no longer receive a "Booklet Purchased" email.
  7. (3.1.1) People Search - you can now search for a specific person on the People tab.
  8. (3.1.2) Updated Refreshing - Organizational booklets will now update when you open the app and when you pull to refresh on the Booklets tab.
  9. (3.1.4) Read Only Booklets - Organizational booklets can now be marked as ready only by booklet administrators.

Bug Fixes:

  1. These updates includes many behind the scenes bug fixes.
  2. Find a new one? Please let us know. 


Known Issues:
These are issues that we are aware of and are working to fix. Some may be out of our control but we have included any known workarounds below.

  1. Download all size issues
    Some organizations have such large booklets, or so many booklets, that the memory of an iPhone or iPad can not handle it all at once. The app will let you know when this happens. To resume the download where it left off simple click "Download All" again and make sure the "Reinstall Existing Booklets" switch is off.
  2. Updated pictures not changing
    When a person's picture is changed the thumbnail in the booklet view may not update immediately. To fix this reopen the booklet and the new image will update shortly. The larger the image and the more images that changed the longer it will take the thumbnails to update.


Coming Soon:

  • People search (added 3.1.1)
  • Your suggested improvements!
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